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The Drop Zone Paintball Park is one of the oldest PAINTBALL PARKS in the country (opened in 1989) featuring 89 acres of wooded ravines and netted tournament fields.

The Drop Zone Paintball Park is located about 35 minutes from Kansas City, Topeka, and Lawrence areas. We are the oldest and largest paintball park in Kansas. With a capacity up to 300 players we can handle large groups with ease.

We take pride in our low chrono speed rule of 260 for our kids groups, 280 for our adult groups and our "gravity hopper only" rule, which allows new and experienced players to enjoy the sport and our facility even more! We also have "special events" like: Electric Hopper Day, Scenario Theme Day, Team Practice, 2 Day Scenarios, and Tournaments. We have trained referees to ensure your safety and good time, to introduce you into the sport and teach you variations of the games! All of our referees are paintball players, they remember what it feels like to just start out in Paintball and they have the knowledge and resources to offer to help others progress in the sport! Whether you want to become a tournament player, a scenario player, or just have a great time hanging out with your friends

Bring your friends and family too! We have spectator areas for everyone!