Individual Rates

Group Rates can be found here on the home page.

Please note: These prices do not include the Franklin County sales tax of 8.00%

Walk On's - Are you renting equipment today?

Yes - I Need Rental Equipment

  • Rental Package - $30.
  • 3 Hours of Play
  • Includes: Gun, Mask, Hopper, & 100 Paintballs.

Nope - I Have Your Own Gear

  • Fills - $5 each or $12 for all day.
  • Field Fees - $15 per day.
  • Bundle and Save Combo - $25 (Field Fee + All Day Air)
  • Player Combo - $83 (Field Fee + All Day Air + 2000 Paintballs)

Rental Upgrades - Enhance your experience.

Prices are per player. Rental upgrades will be an option during the checkout process. Please note: upgraded rentals are limited - first come first serve.

Level 1 + $10

Tippmann's newest FT-12 Marker!

Level 2 + $10

Tactical US Army Alpha Black Marker.

Level 3 + $10

Competition level GOG Enemy Marker.

Paintballs - As few or as many as you need!

Drop Zone is proud to be one of the few remaining BRING YOUR OWN PAINT facilities still operating in Kansas. Please note: you can only bring your own paint if you are using your own equipment. If you are using a rental marker you MUST USE OUR PAINT. Additionally, you paintballs will be subject to a inspection - if your paintballs do not meet our quality standards - you will not be able to use them.

100 Paintballs - $7

500 Paintballs - $25

2000 Paintballs - $75

Equipment For Purchase - Forget something?

Purchase new equipment rather than using our rental equipment. 

New Mask - $15

We clean our rental maks after every use. However, some players still feel slightly uneasy about using rental goggles. If thats the case, you can purchase a fresh set at the park.

New Barrel Sleeve - $5

Forgot your barrel sleeve? We have them available at the park.

New Hopper - $5

You need one to play the game, well unless you are a mag-fed player. We have them out at the park for your convenience.

HPA Rental/Purchase - $5-40

We do no fill Co2. If you need to rent an HPA tank for the day it will cost you $5. Would you rather just purchase one? $40.