Individual Rates

Group Rates can be found here on the home page.

Please note: These prices do not include the Franklin County sales tax of 8.00%

Walk On's - Are you renting equipment today?

Yes - I Need Rental Equipment

  • Rental Package - $30.
  • 3 Hours of Play
  • Includes: Gun, Mask, Hopper, & 100 Paintballs.

Nope - I Have Your Own Gear

  • Fills - $5 each or $10 for all day.
  • Field Fees - $17 per day.
  • Bundle and Save Combo - $25 (Field Fee + All Day Air)
  • Player Combo - $83 (Field Fee + All Day Air + 2,000 Paintballs)

Rental Upgrades - Enhance your experience.

Prices are per player. Rental upgrades will be an option during the checkout process. Please note: upgraded rentals are limited - first come first serve.

Level 0 (included)

Tippmann 98 standard paintball marker

Level 1 + $8

Tippmann FT-12 - Newest rental marker

Level 2 + $12

Tippmann A5 with Flatline Barrel. Extra range using backspin and an auto loading hopper for faster firing.

Paintballs - As few or as many as you need!

Drop Zone is proud to be one of the few remaining BRING YOUR OWN PAINT facilities still operating in Kansas. Please note: you can only bring your own paint if you are using your own equipment. If you are using a rental marker you MUST USE OUR PAINT. Additionally, your paintballs will be subject to a inspection - if your paintballs do not meet our quality standards - you will not be able to use them. We do not allow red or blue fill paintballs. Red looks like blood and has not been allowed for 30 years. Blue is the cheapest fill color found in low grade paintballs. It tends to stain and the cheap paintballs are more likely to hurt people when they are hit.

100 Paintballs - $7

500 Paintballs - $25

2000 Paintballs - $75

Equipment For Purchase - Forget something?

Purchase new equipment rather than using our rental equipment.

New Mask - $15

We clean our rental maks after every use. However, some players still feel slightly uneasy about using rental goggles. If thats the case, you can purchase a fresh set at the park.

New Barrel Sleeve - $5

Forgot your barrel sleeve? We have them available at the park.

New Hopper - $5

You need one to play the game, well unless you are a mag-fed player. We have them out at the park for your convenience.

HPA Rental/Purchase - $5-40

We do no fill Co2. If you need to rent an HPA tank for the day it will cost you $5. Would you rather just purchase one? $40.