Welcome to Drop Zone Paintball Park. Playing paintball since 1987

Park walk through Video coming soon

We are busy this spring making a walk-through video of our courses. Look for this here soon!

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Rental gear options and standard paintball parties

This video shows all the different rental gear you can use when playing .68 cal paintball.

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Low Impact Paintball Options

We offer low impact paintball! This is lighter weight guns that don't hit as hard. Perfect for kids with our scenario parties (every Sat and Sun at 11am. Private parties for adults anytime.

Individual Rates and Walk on Information

Open play is every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. During this time, you can play with your own gear or just show up and rent gear. (We still recommend reservations as rentals are limited)

Private Party! Book for both weekdays and weekends 15+ Players

Basic private parties are for groups that want an inexpensive entry and play to get more paintballs at the park.

Book your Birthday Scenario Party here

Low impact birthday scenarios are for kids between 9 and 13 years old. These "choose your own adventure" style games have referee coaching and the entire focus is on the enjoyment of the younger players. Games are from 11am to 1pm each Saturday and Sunday. Starting group size is 6 players

Book you friends and family group here. Discounts start at 6+ players

Perfect for the small group that wants to play in Saturday and Sunday open play. Sessions start at 10am and 1pm

Book your All Inclusive Private Party here. Parties for 15+ players with lots of paintballs included.

Weekdays and weekends. All Inclusive parties include 400 paintballs per player. Best deal here!

Book your Low Impact Private party. Rates start for 15+ players.

Low impact is great for casual groups. You can book this event for any day of the week.