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Drop Zone Paintball Park Policies

Kansas Weather

In the case of severe weather such as lightning, tornadoes, hail, or severe thunderstorms, the park may be temporarily closed for saftey. We do however play through rain and cold. If severe weather is predicted, we will keep a close watch, but will not make the decision to close the park until that morning. Rarely do we close the park for an entire day so your 1/2 day event may very well go on as planned despite severe weather before or after. Please remember that this is Kansas and the weather varies greatly from one location to the next. It my be hailing in Lawrence and beautiful out at the park. Our park is also somewhat sheltered as much of it is under heavy tree cover and in a valley.

If play is canceled or delayed for any reason, our park manager will contact all reservation(s) by phone and attempt to reschedule your event. If you are concerned about the current conditions at the park you may always call (785) 424-4941 and talk to the manager on site.


Reserved Groups may only use paintballs purchased from our Paintball Park.
We do not allow red or blue paintballs at our park.


No alcohol consumption is permitted before or while playing paintball.

Players Under 18

must have a release waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. At least 1 adult must be present at the park with any group of players under 18.


Your reservation is nonrefundable. Please keep that in mind when choosing how many players you are going to reserve for. Thank you!


Offsite coupons or discounts cannot be combined with discounts offered here on our online reservation system.


Have a question about our policies? Feel free to call us toll free at (877) DROPZON (376-7966) or locally at (785) 841-1884. You can also Chat Live with us or leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Tax Exempt

If your organization is tax exempt then you'll have to provide us a copy of your tax exempt certificate or fill out a generic one here. Send us a copy by email, mail, or drop it by the store. Once we have that we can set your account to 'tax exempt' and you can make a reservation online without taxes being applied. We can also take a reservation by phone or in the store but we'll still need to have a copy of that exemption form.