Low Impact Private Group (15+ Players)
Low Impact Private Group (15+ Players)
Make this an event they'll never forget!


What is Low Impact Paintball?
Low Impact Paintball is paintball that doesn't hurt!

The lightest equipment along with an exciting format that does not hurt! Paintball Soft is great for new players, youth players, and co-ed corporate groups. It is a less-impact and lower cost version of paintball using .50 caliber painball. Low Impact is ideal for all ages and people.

Ages 10+

Using Tippmann FT-50's (50 cal paintball marker). This is a private party with low impact paintball gear. Lighter weight equipment
15 or more players with your own referee and use of all the courses.

Call us for groups over 20 players. (785) 841-1884

We Provide:

  • Rental equipment, All Air fills. Players can also bring their own gear (we provide HPA if needed)
  • 1,500 paintballs (based on 15 player group)
  • Color tape marking to separate teams.
  • Referees to coordinate games, instruct and help players with equipment, and to make sure you have a fantastically good time!

What to Expect:

  • This will be about a 3 hour event. If you start check in at 9am you can expect to be done playing by noon.
  • Your group is more than welcome to show up early or stay late and make use of our grilling and picnic facilities. They're free to use but must be reserved.
  • No alcohol consumption permitted before playing paintball.
  • Additional paintballs must be purchased by individual players or by the group at the park.
Group Price $369.00

Group Name:

Add more players?:

Only paintballs purchased at our park may be used in our rental equipment.Our average player uses about 500 paintballs in a 3 hour session.Paintballs are available at the park starting at $7 per 100 or $25 per 500.Limit quantities of gun upgrades are available. It is best to reserve these.A5 upgrades with jam free loaders and long range flatline barrels.

More Paintballs! (discounted):

Online reservation recommend 2 weeks in advance.Please call us for reservations on short notice.
Choose the starting time for your event. This is when you should show up at the park to check in.

Choose Your Start Time*:

There is no charge to make use of our picnic areas or charcoal grill. Just let us know!

Picnic Area:


Please read and check.*:
An adult must be present for all groups with players 16 years old or younger.

I'll Make Sure*:
I'll also make sure everyone in my group knows.

Release Waivers*:
Release waivers must be signed. Print out from resources tab or sign at park.

I know where the park is and how to get there.

Special Instructions:

Choose a Date*:

Information and Policies

Private Group Policies

  • Prepayment required for this special group rate.
  • NO Private Party Fee!
  • All prices are plus tax unless a tax exempt form is provided.
  • Additional paintballs may be purchased by the case in advance for $65 per case.
  • Less people? No problem. You'll still get everything listed above including your full allotment of paintballs.
  • We are very flexible with weekday reservation times. Please book at least a week in advance for weekday groups.
  • Weekend groups start at 9am, 9:30am, 10am, and 1pm. Please choose one of these times for weekends.
  • You can make reservations for weekends with only one day notice, however we may be fully booked. Make your reservation early!
  • All sessions last about 3 hours. Sessions must end before dark (daylight hours only).
  • Extra players that are not prepaid are $30 per person and include 100 paintballs.

Is your group tax exempt?

Drop Zone uses Empire Marballizer as our exclusive field paint. Marballizer's superior quality makes your day more fun by keeping you on target, game after game.

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